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Ardenne is founded on high ethical principles based on the moral teachings of Christianity. Its motto, "Deo Duce Quaere Optima", translates "With God As Guide, Seek The Best." Ardenne High School is committed to providing quality education in a Christian environment and to inculcate the principles of Christian tolerance and self-discipline as the foundation for self worth. This is achieved by offering a wide variety of activities, which serves to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of society.

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Ardenne’s Media Take Out

Jamaicans Urged to Reject Negative Stereotypes

Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Jamaica, Malgorzata Wasilewska, is urging members of the society to reject negative stereotypes and promote positive ones that will redound to the benefit of Jamaica.

“You have so many negative stereotypes that are exposed in things like ‘a man must be tough and not be a sissy’; and ‘man fi have nuff gal inna bundle’

SCQ : Ardenne soars past Wolmer's Girls

In a dominant display, Ardenne High caused tears of disappointment to flow from Wolmer's Girls on Tuesday after the 13th match in Round Two of TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz, which, Ardenne won 40 - 25.

From the start, the odds seemed to be in favour of the confident Ardenne team comprising Themba Mkhize (captain), Addison Biggs, Dahlia Thomas, and Dominique Stewart.

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Touch Of Jamaican Warmth In New York

Seven students and two teachers from Ardenne High School were recently in New York City to participate in the 2017 World Federation of United Nations Associations (UFUNA) conference.

In addition to the United Nations activities, Ardenne High students also had an opportunity to visit the American Museum of Natural History and spend a day at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, the oldest public high school in that borough.

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Ardenne High School Standing Strong At 90

For 90 years, Ardenne High School has committed itself to producing some of the most prominent and influential men and women of Jamaica, deeply embedding in them values of godliness, honesty, respect and guiding them on their various game-changing paths.

Ardenne kicked off its 90th anniversary celebratory activities yesterday with a church service at the Olson Chapel on Hope Road in St Andrew, which was attended by a full house of Ardenne administrative staff, students and past students.

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Former FBI Deputy Director To Address Ardenne's 90th Anniversary Service

John S. Pistole, former deputy director of the FBI and head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, will be the keynote speaker on Sunday at a church service in Kingston that will kick off the 90th anniversary celebrations for Ardenne High School.

Ardenne High School, by its track record, is considered a flagship institution for secondary education in the Caribbean region, and Pistole will address a church...

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Ardenne Alumni


Over the years, Ardenne alumni have bonded together in an effort to promote and enrich the academic, cultural, physical and social development of Ardenne. They have also built fellowship between one another, while serving the needs of the school community, by way of organized Past Students Associations.

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